Located right in the center of the ancient mountaintop city of Safed in northern Israel is a treasure known to a constantly growing number of Israelis and foreigners alike. What common interest draws some 500 English speakers up the mountain ?  Simply a love of books, and the opportunity to find them at the Safed Memorial English Library. The new welcoming entrance makes the library accessible and convenient, allowing disabled readers easy entry to the 2 street-level rooms at 38 Jerusalem street.

Started by Safedís other treasure, Edyth Geiger, from her much-loved personal collection, the volunteer-run and supported Safed Memorial English Library has grown and reached readers throughout the Galilee, Israelís mountainous north. Readers come from towns, kibbutzim, and moshavim (communal farms), spread over this largely rural area where access to English language books is difficult at best. It is a free lending library in the best of library traditions.

Comprised now of over 30,000 books of every type, the Safed Memorial English Library has become of interest to people throughout the world who have learned of its existence. Its unique status as a free English language book resource in a Hebrew-speaking country makes it a recognized landmark throughout Israel.

Wonderful video about the library - http://www.youtube.com/user/edithgeiger#p/a/u/0/JG-Z5Vl95c8  

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