While book donations are welcomed, the Safed Memorial English Library has other needs that are more difficult to meet. The Library is a non-profit organization that provides a free service to the entire Galilee. No organization, party or government sponsors this library, and it exists totally through gifts …of books, volunteer effort and money.

In addition to the normal library services, the Safed Memorial English Library is the only cultural resource for many English speakers in this rural area. People travel to the library from as far away as an hour’s drive, many coming from farming communities such as kibbutzim and moshavim.  

To Israeli young people, whose mother tongue is Hebrew, the Library provides a much-needed source of English language material to assist in their study of a language that is vital in today’s world.  Our library serves the schools in the area as well, and teachers often bring their classes to visit and borrow books.

In order to provide the expanding services the Library offers, a part-time manager has been added as its only paid worker. Support is needed to cover this and other expenses such as magazine subscriptions, paper goods, repairs and improvements, electricity, etc.

Tax Deductible Contributions -

Contributions are tax deductible in the USA by clicking on P. E. F. form and printing the form. Contributions are tax deductible in the UK as explained  by clicking on Contributing UK

Gifts of $1000 or more entitle the donor to a listing on our “Benefactors” board.  A special plaque has also been created for Israeli donors whose contributions are of 1000 shekels or more. Smaller donations are often given as well to celebrate a  special occasion or honor someone, and a personal note is sent to notify of receipt of the gift. 

Israelis may prepare a check made out to - (העמותה לקידום שרותי וחינוך בגליל העליון (ע״ר.   In English it's - The Safed Memorial English Library.  Small sums can be given to the librarian and a receipt will be received.

Contributions can also be made online through IsraelGives.

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