1.     Most of our books may be borrowed for one month with renewal by phone or in person always an option. There is a 1 shekel a day fee for books returned late.

2.     Magazines, audio CDs and DVDs may be borrowed for  two weeks.  They may NOT be renewed.

3.     There is a collection of much requested books which may be borrowed for two weeks only without a renewal option.

4.     We have “recommended books” and we welcome your suggestions.

5.     Latest additions to our collection are “Recent Acquisition.”

6.     We welcome your suggestions of books to be acquired.

7.     Brochures are available and your help in sending these to people and soliciting support of the library is urgent.  Our website www.geigerlibrary.org should also be called to the attention of potential contributors abroad.   (The library is tax deductible in the U.S. through PEF.  See the Contributing page)

8.     Temporary residents of Safed – students, tourists, etc. – must pay a deposit of 50 shekels which is given back to them when all borrowed books are returned.  No more than 3 books may be borrowed by these people at any one time.

9.     Books which are returned damaged or lost must be replaced or paid for.

10. There is also a category “Trip Books” in the "gallery" which do not need to be returned.


11.  If you don’t find a book, ask the librarian.  There also is a key to the different categories posted to assist you. If you are looking for a particular book, please tell us the name of the author as our catalog is not by title

12. If you have spare time, or your English-reading teenagers have time, we welcome volunteers.  Work is done Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to noon.

13. Contributions of books, CDs, DVDs, etc. are always welcome.

14.   Encourage your Israeli friends to come and start reading in English.  We have a special section for Hebrew speakers who wish to learn to read in English.

15.  If you  bring children to the library, please supervise them and be sure the Children’s Section is left in good order.  Children may take books from the shelves, but these books should not be put back onto the shelves. The librarian will do it.

16. Please be sure to close the entrance door when you come in or leave.

17. Notices for the Bulletin Board must be no larger than a 3 x  5 card.

18. Please do not return books to the shelves but place them on one of the small tables which are around the library.

19. Please talk in the library!  We welcome your impressions, opinions, ideas.





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