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The Safed Memorial English Library is located at 38 Jerusalem Street in Safed, Israel. Its 30,000 books include fiction and non-fiction to suit all tastes. In addition, one cozy room is devoted to the Children’s Library, where everyone, from infants to teens, can borrow books for home enjoyment. It is open to readers four days a week.

The Library, which is run by more than 30 volunteer workers and one part-time staff member, is continually growing thanks to donations from supporters in the USA and other countries.  The donation of private collections in Israel, and purchases of newly published and highly recommended recent books are constantly expanding the library.

The fiction section includes popular novels, classics, best sellers and great modern writers, mysteries, science fiction and medical thrillers. The non-fiction collection includes a large biography section, science, history, nature, travel, medicine and psychology, parenting, the Holocaust, Jewish subjects, cooking and art. A very popular and growing section is books on CDs which cover a range of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction, and DVD's for movie watchers.   

The expanded library can be seen in  the pictures below.


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