As Edyth told it: Many years ago I became aware of the excess of duplicate stamps in my many stamp albums, I invited some of the neighborhood children to come and select stamps for their collections. As happens with children, one told another and a stamp group of perhaps 20 children started coming to my little apartment.

My primary motivation in the stamp project was to enrich the lives of the local children whose schooling in most cases did not include the sort of general knowledge intrinsic to stamps – geography, coinage, languages, nature, etc.  In line with modern collectors, the children were taught to choose a topic and gather stamps relating to that subject instead of the age-old pattern of collecting by countries. Their topics are from “maps” to “creepy-crawlies” (a sweet young girl chose that one).”

The stamp club that has resulted from Edyth’s efforts now meets every 2 weeks, with membership varying between 50 and 100 interested youngsters.




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